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Motor preferences or preferential motricity

Motor (or natural) preferences describe the unique way in which each individual performs a movement.

King of personalized training, motor preferences are a valuable and essential asset for the success of your goals: sports performance, chronic pain, fitness, running advice, health, psychomotricity, senior sports... The knowledge of your preferences will help you in the pursuit of your goals!

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Primitive reflexes or involuntary motricity

Primitive (or archaic) reflexes are spontaneous movements that newborns make to survive.

During the first months after birth, these reflexes will be integrated to make room for voluntary movements. Exceptionally, some reflexes remain longer than expected and cause a series of problems: learning difficulties, hyperactivity, poor psychomotricity, motion sickness, migraine, tiptoeing ...

But don't worry, there are some very simple solutions to integrate those primitives reflexes! I invite you to discover them by reading our technical sheets or in consultation!
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Arnaud Art
Arnaud Art

  • Elite Athlete in Track and Field
  • Expert in Motor Preferences
  • Expert in Primitive Reflexes
  • Teacher at Volodalen
  • Ex-Datascientist R&D at Volodalen


"Intelligence is not what you know, but what you do when you don't know." - Jean Piaget
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